public worship and explorers: sundays @ 11am; please contact for zoom details - get directions

public worship

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The Bible calls all people to worship God. In response to this, and in light of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead on the first Easter Sunday, Christians gathered together on Sundays, known as the Lord’s day, to worship. These gatherings included time for prayer, time for singing Hymns, and time for reflecting on the Bible. Following their example we gather together every Sunday at 11am to spend time in prayer, praise, and reflection.

We start the Service with a time of prayer, praise, and reflection for all ages before children leave for Sunday School and Crèche.

The Service then continues with a further time of prayer, praise, and reflection that is geared towards the adults in the Congregation as we encourage one another to increasingly allow the faith to shape how we think, and how we act in the places God has set us, and among the people God has sent us.

We recommend the English Standard Version (ESV) as a Bible for adults.

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